I loved Cavaliers long before I got one. I first met one many, many years ago in a training class I was teaching. He was always smiling, his tail wagged all the time and he was everybody's friend.  And that face . . . who could resist.

I thought he was unusual until I started to watch them in the show ring and discovered they were all like him.

So when the time came that I had to move to a small breed, there was no choice -- Cavaliers were it!

We've had 4 wonderful Cavaliers in our household so far and with luck, there'll be many more.

I want to thank Norma Moffatt of Brinklow Cavaliers for letting us have our wonderful first 3 girls, Daisy, Lili and Sadie.  She breeds with great care and good judgement and produces glorious Cavaliers.

And I would like to thank Mary Beth Squirrel for our 4th Cavalier, the social butterfly Becky. Mary Beth is following in Norma’s footsteps, with her healthy and beautiful Cavaliers.